iOS Guide for iOS 8

iOS Guide

It is very important for every iOS users to understand the iOS guide. By understanding the guide, they can operate the system properly. They also can get the benefits from the features available in this operating system. Each iOS version may have different guides. Let’s learn from iOS 8. As the preparation step, you need to make sure that your iOS device is ready for updating. Check your iOS’ compatibility. iOS 8 can suit iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and more.

Free the Space

The next thing to do according to iOS complete guide is freeing some space up. The update package of iOS 8 is around 1.1 GB but it depends on the device. For downloading and installing the update, make sure that the device has 6 GB free space. The update can be downloaded directly via iTunes. Some apps that you may never use should be deleted to provide more space before downloading iOS 8. If you have gotten the sufficient space, start installing iOS 8.

Improved Features

IOS guide mentions that iOS 8 has some new features that have been improved. The messages applications are incorporating many features like what you found in WhatsApp and Viber. The keyboard can be customer as what you wish. You can also learn what is hogging the battery life with new battery-usage features of iOS. Taking picture with iOS 8 will also be perfect and the result is always amazing.

Siri to Identify the Unfamiliar Tunes or Song

Based on guide for iOS, iOS 8 also provides iDevice widgets that ease your use. Siri is also improved as it can respond to the voice hands-free. However, you should make sure that the device is charged all the time. Siri will also work amazingly as it can recognize the tunes or song you are not familiar with. So, if you find any unfamiliar song and you just fell in love with it, Siri will give you a brief identification.

Get your Phone Back

Just in case you forget where you put your iPhone or someone just taken your iPhone, iOS 8 has a smart trick that is possibly sending back your phone to your hand. This iOS guide also mentions that iOS 8 has a new setting that will let you keep your privacy. Some app cannot access your location. The new Handoff features also can switch between iDevices without losing what you are working on. You still answer any phone call with your iPad with the new Handoff feature. What will you deny if you have these conveniences in your hand?

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