iPhone 7 Introduces Curved Screen

We have nearly lost count of layout ideas we have seen for iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6S, but we do appreciate taking a look at them as they are able to offer some intriguing tantalizers for what might be brought to the table. In the event, you would like to compare this latest iPhone 7 notion with some preceding thoughts you'll be able to take a look here and here for a few other cases. The designer says he is not just an iPhone fan, as this theory has some fine characteristics, but he is done a rather great job. The handset can be said to quantify just like the present iPhone the screen as well as 6 is bent so that it is an easier fit when in a rear pocket.

The screen also goes below the Home button also meaning the whole of the display space may be properly used when viewing videos in full screen or playing games and empowering this place to be customized with shortcuts. There is a swept aluminum setback with a big (possibly too large?) If you are presuming the UI screenshot seems than iOS, the designer describes he has gotten this from a Firefox OS emulator and given a few tweaks to it. We believe the handset revealed here is something which a lot of folks would notice appealing though this layout isn't without some minor defects. What are your ideas on this latest iPhone 7 notion? In the event, the new iPhone seemed like this would you buy it? The iPhone 6S is inclined to be the name that is iPhone 2015, although you never understand, the iPhone 7 dub it and could surprise us all. Gossips about the brand new iPhone/s while we wait we thought readers may be interested in a brand new notion for the handset, and for this year are actually starting to ramp up now. The iPhone 7 notion that we are revealing now looks really slick and brings a curved screen.

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